Word structure and Lexical Systems: models and applications (Pavia, 16-17 dicembre 2004)

Da giovedì 16 dicembre 2004 a venerdì 17 dicembre 2004


Università degli Studi di Pavia
Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia
Dipartimento di Linguistica

Colloquio Internazionale

Word structure and Lexical Systems: models and applications

Pavia, 16-17 dicembre 2004
Aula Volta


Comitato scientifico/Scientific Committee: Nicoletta Calzolari (CNR, Pisa), Elisabetta Jezek (Pavia), Michele Prandi (Bologna), Paolo Ramat (Pavia), Raffaele Simone (Roma Tre)

Comitato organizzatore/Organizing Committee: Elisabetta Jezek, Federica da Milano, Andrea Sansò, Clizia Welker

Conference contact:
Elisabetta Jezek


Giovedì/Thursday December 16
9.00 Registrazione/Registration
9.30  Inaugurazione del Colloquio/Colloquium Opening

Lexicons and morphology
10.00 A.BISETTO - E.GUEVARA - S.SCALISE (Bologna) “The MORBO COMP project”
10.30 Nicola GRANDI (Milano Bicocca) “Lexicalized phrases, multiword expressions and compounds”

11.00  Pausa caffè/Coffee break

Word classes: Nouns
11.30 Raffaele SIMONE (Roma Tre) “Strategies of naming between system and discourse”
12.00 Giuliana FIORENTINO (Roma Tre) “Action Nominals and subordination in Italian”
12.30 Caterina MAURI (Pavia) “Semantically prototypical nouns used as modifiers and predicates: a cross-linguistic study”

13.00 Pranzo/Lunch

Word classes: Verbs
14.30 Volha BATSIUKOVA (Autonóma de Madrid) “Russian verbal affixes and aspectual modification”
15.00 Iris ESHKOL (Orléans) “Classes de prédicats: representation pour un dictionnaire électronique”
15.30 Seiki AJANO (Mie University) “Verb- vs. satellite-framed languages and three kinds of directional PP in Japanese”

16.00 Pausa caffè/Coffee break

Lexical acquisition
16.30 E. BANFI - G. ARCODIA - C. PICCININI (Milano Bicocca) “Lexical compensation strategies in Chinese learners of Italian L2”

17.00 Apertura sessione demo/poster
Opening demo/poster session
17.15 Demo/poster session

Venerdì/Friday December 17
Lexicons and linguistic corpora
10.00 Nicoletta CALZOLARI (CNR, Pisa)  “Semantic tagging and semantic lexicons: towards content interoperability”
10.30 A. LENCI - S. MONTEMAGNI - V. PIRRELLI (CNR Pisa, Università di Pisa) “The lexicon in context: distributional evidence and representational issues”

11.00 Pausa caffè/Coffee break

The representation of meaning 
11.30 James PUSTEJOVSKY (Brandeis) “Meaning in context: co-composition and specification”
12.00 Michele PRANDI (Pavia) “The two sides of lexical values: endocentric vs. exocentric concepts”

12.30  Pranzo/Lunch

Approaches to word senses distinction
14.30 Piek VOSSEN (Irion Technologies, Delft)
“Cornetto: a combinatoric and relational network for language technology”

15.00 C.STRAPPARAVA-A.GLIOZZO (ITC-IRST, Trento) “Domain models for lexical semantics”

Lexicographic issues

15.30 Ulrich HEID (Stuttgart) “Making description broader and more fine-graded: experience from dictionary updating”

16.00 L. BARQUE - A. POLGUERE (Paris 7 - Montréal) “A definitional metalanguage for explanatory combinatorial lexicography”

16.30 Chiusura/Closing
Demo/Poster Session

A. ABEL, S. CAMPOGIANNI, C. RICHTER (Accademia Europea, Bolzano), Paradigmatic and syntagmatic lexical relations in the electronic learner's dictionary ELDIT
József ANDOR (Pécs, Hungary), A lexical pragmatic analysis of polarity relations in adjectival and adverbial amplification in English and Hungarian: a corpus-based study of near synonimy
F. BELLOMI – R. BONATO (Verona), Lexical authorities in an encyclopedic corpus: a case study on Wikipedia
C. VERTAN – W. v. HAHN - M. GAVRILA (Hamburg), Generation, Reuse and Management of complex lexical structures
L. BARRETT – R. KANJAWI – E. FITZPATRICK (Monclair State University, Translink Inc.), Modeling knowledge of doctor-patient dialogues in creating a translation lexicon
G. FLIEDL – I. FERNANDEZ DE RETANA - P. MAURER-STROH (Klagenfurt), Probabilistic retrieval of German and English compounds within the ANCR (Adjective Noun Collocation Retriever) project
Maarten JANSSEN (ILTEC, Purtugal), Mordebe: a morphological database in action
Fiammetta NAMER (Nancy 2), Acquiring lexical classes in biomedical lexicons: a morphosemantics-based multilingual approach
Andrea SANSÒ (Pavia), The Pavia Typological Database: first release
Hui WANG (Singapore), Word sense disambiguation based on syntactic behaviour

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