XXXII Incontro di Grammatica Generativa (Firenze, 2-4 marzo 2006)

Da giovedì 02 marzo 2006 a sabato 04 marzo 2006


Università di Firenze
Dipartimento di Linguistica

XXXII Incontro di Grammatica Generativa

2-4 marzo 2006

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Giovedì, 2 marzo
Aula Magna del Rettorato
Piazza San Marco 4, Firenze

13:30 Opening:
Prof. Luciano Mecacci, Prorettore of the University of Florence
13:40 Andrea Moro (San Raffaele, Milano)
Babel’s Borders: Advantages and Limitations of Neuroimaging Methods in Syntax
14:40 Tanja Kupisch (Hamburg)
Representing semantic features in DP-syntax: (Counter)Evidence from acquisition data
15:20 Marit R. Westergaard (Tromsø)
Learning and Unlearning V2: On the Robustness of the Triggering Experience in a Historical Perspective

16:00 Coffee Break

16:20 Nicolas Guilliot (Nantes)
Reconstruction: the island's puzzle
17:00 Arthur Stepanov and Penka Stateva (Potsdam)
When QR disobeys Superiority:On Multiple QR and Multiple WH-Questions
17:40 Virginia Hill (New Brunswick)
On the syntax of Vocatives
18:20 Halldor A. Sigurdsson and Joan Maling (Lund and Brandeis)
Object drop and the Empty Left Edge Condition (ELEC)

Venerdì, 3 marzo
Aula Magna del Rettorato,
Piazza San Marco 4, Firenze

09:00 Ian  Roberts (Cambridge)
Speculations about Clitics and Phases
10:00 Patrick Grosz (Vienna)
German Discourse Particles Are Weak Sentence Adverbs
10:40 Roberta D'Alessandro and Adam Ledgeway (Cambridge)
The Abruzzese T-v system: feature spreading and the double auxiliary construction

11:20 Coffee Break

11:30 Sabrina Bendjaballah (Lille 3)
Positions and Markers in Templates: Berber Verb Morphology
12:10 Antonietta Bisetto and Sergio Scalise (Bologna)
Prefixes are not heads

12:50 Lunch Break

14:10 Valentina Bianchi (Siena)
Wh infinitives and the licensing of “anaphoric tense”

14:50 Francesca Ramaglia (Roma Tre)
Focused Topic
15:30 Laura Sgarioto (Padova)
Chi vs.chiunque: relative libere a confronto nell’italiano standard

16:10 Coffee Break

16:30 Serge Minor (Moscow)
«Exceptional coreference» in Kabardinian
17:10 Carlo Cecchetto (Milano-Bicocca)
Principle C as a Case of Mislabelling
17:50 Michael Brody (UCL)
Syntax and Symmetry
18:50 Business Meeting

Sabato, 4 Marzo 
Aula Comparetti,
Facoltà di Lettere, Piazza Brunelleschi 4, Firenze

09:00 Cristina Guardiano and Giuseppe Longobardi (Modena/Reggio Emilia and Trieste)
The Underlying Unity of Reference and Quantification
09:40 Chiara Branchini and Caterina Donati (Urbino)
What sign languages teach us on correlative clauses
10:20 Anna Roussou and Ianthi Tsimpli (Patras and Thessaloniki)
Clitics and transitivity

11:00 Coffee Break

11:20 Manuela Ambar (Lisboa)
Verb movement and Tense – EPP and t-completeness
12:00 Kleanthes Grohmann and Dalina Kallulli (Cyprus and Vienna)
A Case Study in Syntax-Semantics Isomorphy
12:40 Gloria Cocchi and Cecilia Poletto (Urbino and Venezia)
Complementizer deletion and complementizer doubling

1. Enoch Aboh and Roland Pfau (Amsterdam)
What's a wh-word got to do with it?

2. Paola Crisma and Chiara Gianollo (Trieste)
N-raising and parameter resetting in Latin and English

3. Emiliano Guevara (Bologna)
Binarity Branching and Linguistic Theory: Morphology Arguments

4. Nicola Munaro (Venezia)
Romance nominal exclamatives: standard expectations and tentative evaluations