Bootstrapping Information from Corpora in a Cross Linguistic Perspective - 3rd International LABLITA Workshop in Corpus Linguistics (Firenze, 4-5 giugno 2008)

Da mercoledì 04 giugno 2008 a giovedì 05 giugno 2008

Bootstrapping Information from Corpora in a Cross Linguistic Perspective


3rd  International LABLITA Workshop in Corpus Linguistics at the presence of Douglas Biber, within the Chiara Fama Program of the University of Florence.  

June 4tth - 5th Italian Department, University of Florence


            June 4th


9:15 Welcome, Adele Dei (Director of the Italian Department)


9:30-11 Douglas Biber (Northern Arizona University), Are there linguistic consequences of literacy?  Comparing the potentials of language use in speech and writing


11-11:15 Coffee break


11:15-12:15 Angela Ferrari, Anna Maria De Cesare (University of Basel), Language-Text Interface: Thematic and Logical progression (rivisited)


12:15-13:15  Emanuela Cresti (University of Florence), The Informational Patterning Theory and the Corpus-based description of Spoken language


13:15-14:30 Lunch



14:30-15:15 Miriam Voghera, Giusy Turco (University of Salerno), From lexicon to text:  pre-target structures annotation in a L2 Italian  corpus


15:15-16 Marta Garrote, Antonio Moreno Sandoval (Universitad Autonoma, Madrid),  A Spanish Child Language Corpus


16:16:15 Coffee break


16:15-17 Dominique Willems (University of Gand) On the usefulness of corpora in syntactic and semantic analysis:  'weak' verbs and  existential structures in spoken French


17-17:45 Alessandro Panunzi (University of Florence), Semantic Variation of the Verb "Essere" in Spoken Italian: Corpus Driven Research vs Generative Taxonomy of Copular Sentences



            June 5th


9:30-10:30 Douglas Biber  (Northern Arizona University) Merging corpus linguistic and discourse analytic research goals:  Discourse units in biology research articles


10:30-11:15 Manuel Barbera, Simona Colombo (University of Turin), Normalization pre-processing procedures for Newsgroup corpora


11:15-11:30 Coffee break


11:30 12:15 Elena Tognini Bonelli (University of Siena), Phrases, terms and discourse in the language of economics


12:15-13  Software Demonstration The LABLITA Multilingual Key-words extractor