CompoNet Congress on Compounding (Bologna, 6-7 giugno 2008)

Da venerdì 06 giugno 2008 a sabato 07 giugno 2008

CompoNet Congress on Compounding

Organizzatore: Sergio Scalise

Università di Bologna
6-7 giugno 2008



Friday, June 6

8.45-9.10 Welcome address

9.10-9.50 Compounding and Architecture of the Grammar
R. Jackendoff (Tufts University)

9.50-10.30  Lexical Semantics and Compounding

R. Lieber (University of New Hampshire)

10.30-11.00  Break


11.00-11.40  Compounding: Rules or Analogy? A Construction Morphology Perspective

G. Booij (Leiden University)

11.40-12.20  Compounding between Morphology and Syntax
P. Ackema & A. Neeleman (University of Edinburgh / UCL)

12.20-13.00  Compounding and Incorporation

Marianne Mithun (U.C. Santa Barbara)


13.00-14.30 Lunch


14.30-15.10 Compounding versus Derivation

Angela Ralli (University of Patras)

15.10-15.50 Linking Elements
A. Goksel (Bogazici University)


15.50-16.30 Phonology of Compounds

I.Vogel (University of Delaware)


16.30-17.00  Break


17.00-17.40 Universals in Compounding
S.Scalise (University of Bologna)



17.40-18.20 Compounding in a Word-based Morphology
F. Montermini (CNRS and University of Toulouse)



Saturday June 7

8.40-9.20 Typology of Compounding

Laurie Bauer (Wellington University)


9.20-10.00   Areal Typology of Co-Compounds
B. Waelchli (University of Bern)


10.00-10.40 Typology of Coordinate Compounds
N. Grandi & G. Arcodia (University of Milano Bicocca)


10.40-11.10  Break

11.10-11.50 Parasynthetic Compounds
A. Bisetto & C. Melloni (University  of Bologna / Verona)

11.50-12.30  VN Compounds in Italian: Data from Corpora and Theoretical Issues

D. Ricca (University of Torino)

12.30-13.10  Synthetic Compounding (evidence from corpora)
L. Gaeta (University of Napoli "Federico II")

13.10-14.30  Lunch


14.30-15.10  Frequency Effects in Compounding
H. Baayen (University of Alberta)

15.10-15.50 Computational Models
M. Baroni, V. Pirrelli & E. Guevara (CIMEC Univ. of Trento / CNR Pisa / Univ.of Bologna)

15.50-16.30  Relational competition during compound interpretation

C. Gagne' & Th. Spalding (University of Alberta )

16.30-17.00 Break

17.00-17.40 Sign Language and Compounding
M. Aronoff, I.Meir, C.Padden & W. Sandler (SUNY)

17.40-18.20  First Language Acquisition of Compounds

W.U. Dressler, K.Korecky-Kröll & L.E. Lettner (Kommission für Linguistik der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften)


18.20-18.40 Closing Remarks




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