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Witnessing the life of the Accademia since its origins, the Archivio Storico (Historical Archive) collects an extraordinary documentary heritage from 1583 to present period. The most important and substantial collection is the one preserving the preparatory works for the five editions of the Vocabolario (1612; 1623; 1691, 1729-1738; 1863-1923). Among the collections, there are also statements of Academician's discussions and decisions, diaries of activities, texts of speeches, manuscripts from writers, letters, for more than 1600 archival documents.



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Bella copia manoscritta of the Vocabolario (1612)
The 1612's Vocabolario

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La Biblioteca accetta in dono unicamente opere attinenti ai propri ambiti disciplinari.
Le opere inviate non saranno comunque restituite al donatore.

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L’Accademia della Crusca nomina 13 nuovi accademici corrispondenti

06 Nov 2019

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