Rules for users

  • Admission

The Library of the Accademia della Crusca is destined to those who study Italian linguistics and do research in this field.

The admission to the Library is authorised by the Head Librarian according to the following conditions.

With the presentation of a document attesting the professional position for:

  • Secondary school professors;
  • University  professors;
  • researchers of the CNR and similar scientific research organizations;
  • librarians, archivists, documental  experts;
  • staff of the Opera del Vocabolario Italiano (OVI).

With the exhibition of a letter of introduction from an Academician or a University professor for all other users who don’t  belong  to these categories, including students and PhD students.

An ID document s require that the preliminary meeting and registration of personal  data, a photocopy of which is attached to the reader’s admission file. A reader’s card will be then issued; the card will be valid for one year or for a short amount of time, but in any case as long as the reader needs; the card is automatically renewed for all the collaborators of the Accademia and the Opera del Vocabolario Italiano.

  • Opening hours and access to the Reading Room

The library is open five days a week, from Monday to Friday; it is closed on no-working days and for two weeks in summer during August; due  to exceptional circumstances, the Reading Room may be closed to the general public. Opening hours, the Summer closure and exceptional closures are established by the Directive Council of the Accademia and published on the Accademia’s  website and on the library notice board.

Access to the Reading room is permitted only after reader shaves towed any bags, pc cases or other belongings in the locker sat the entrance; mobile phone, in silent mode, may be brought inside, while food, beverages or any other item that might damage the volumes are not allowed in the Reading Room.

The Accademia is not responsible for objects and personal belongings or for items left in the lockers which must be emptied when leaving.

All readers must sign the register when entering the Library, also for short stays, and show, if requested,  their reader’s card.

In the Library readers must maintain a decent and quiet behaviour, without disturbing or making noise. In worst cases, readers may be expelled and their card revoked.

  • Consultation of books

It is possible to consult all the library holdings and its manuscripts, except for works in fragile condition or undergoing restoration. Users are allowed to take volumes directly from the open shelves in the Reading  Room as long as they’re place there a special cardboard pocket with the correctly compiled pre-printed form. These volumes, as others required to the staff, can be retained in evident deposit on Reading Room worktables, tied with a band and provided with the form named and signed by the student and dated daily. Users can’t exceed 15 books which, after 30 days from the last signature, will be returned to the stacks by the staff.

Staff always replace the books to the stacks, so readers must place the volumes already consulted on the librarian’s table.

The following items must not be stored on tables:

  • The printed works up to 1830 included;
  • The volumes and periodicals that are temporarily on the “Nuove  Accessioni” rack;
  • the “citati” (CIT.);
  • the new “citati” (CIT/1);
  • Manuscripts (Ms.), rare works (Rari) that can be consulted only with the written authorisation of an Academician or the director of the Opera del Vocabolario Italiano; it is also necessary to show an ID card and sign the register; usually only one work at a time is given: simultaneous consultation of various items must be authorised by the Head Librarian. When the reader leaves the Reading Room, even for a short time, these works must be handed back to a member of staff;
  • Theses (Tesi), for which it is necessary to present an ID document, sign the register and return them to the Head Librarian when leaving the Reading Rom; theses available for consultation are those that have been submitted 50 years ago or that have a written authorisation by the author or the supervisor.

  • Internal loan

Internal loan is restricted to collaborators of the Accademia della Crusca and the OVI, and to scolars who are temporarily staying in the Accademia’s guest-quarters.

The items that must not be stored on tables are excluded from internal loan, that are:

  • manuscripts (Ms.);
  • the printed works up to 1830 included;
  • the volumes and periodicals that are temporarily on the “Nuove Accessioni” rack;
  • the “citati” (CIT.);
  • the new “citati” (CIT/1);
  • rare works (Rari);
  • theses (Tesi).


Collaborators of the Accademia della Crusca and the Opera del Vocabolario can keep up to 30 library books from the library on personal internal loan in their rooms, on accessible shelves. The availability of these works, if requested for consultation by other students, must be always guaranteed.

The permanent storage of library works is limited to collaborators of the Accademia and the OVI only in relation to specific projects and up to a maximum total of 120 works/project. The same works excluded from external borrowing, are excluded from the permanent storage.

Books on internal loan, deposited in collaborators of the Accademia and OVI rooms, are carried out once a year by the library staff, as part of the commitment to carefully monitoring the holdings of the Accademia.

Researchers staying as guest in the guest-quarters of the Accademia can keep up to 6 books in their rooms on internal loan, during periods when the library is closed.

  • External borrowing

External borrowing is allowed to researchers admitted to the Reading Room, with residence or domicile in Italian territory, to a maximum of 3 volumes for not more than one month, and it’s extendible to 2 months if the book is not needed by another library user.

Manuscripts and works that might be damaged because of their fragile condition are excluded from external borrowing. Books published until and through 1915 and the “citati” (CIT.) and rare books (Rari) are excluded from external borrowing; likewise books that are frequently consulted or particularly valuable, volumes that are part of special collections or single collections (donated by researchers), books from historical collection and the library’s recent acquisitions displayed on the rack in the Reading Room. Finally the following works are excluded from external borrowing: “neocitati” (CIT/1), bibliographical reference works (CONS.BIBL.), histories of literatures (CONS.LETT.0), dictionaries (DIZ), encyclopaedias (ENC.), periodicals (RIV.), theses (Tesi).

  • Inter library loan

Inter library loan is restricted to libraries in italian territory and it’s allowed only for one month but it may have to be returned sooner in case of urgent needs. Inter library loan is not allowed for books that are excluded from external loan. The books will be sent by registered mail or shipped by courier express; the delivery charges must be paid by the library requesting the book. The volumes sent from local library network of which the  library of the Accademia della Crusca is part, may be consulted only inside the requesting library.

  • Reproduction

It’s possible to reproduce all library holdings consulted for study purposes and anymore for no commercial reasons, according to the current law (section 108, legislative decree 42/2004 changed by section 1, paragraph 171 of law 127/2017). Law restrictions remain for copyright: restriction of 15% book’s pages, if it’s not a rare book or out from book list (section 68 of law 633/1941 changed by section 2 of law 248/2000).It’s free to spread images regularly reproduced with all kind of equipment, as well as not to be reproduced for commercial purposes. The Head Librarian has to allow reproduction for commercial purposes in order to publish images in monographs with more than 2000 editions and a price cover above € 77,47 (ministerial decree 8th April 1994); these reproductions are subjected to payment for copyright.

For the reproduction of images in paper and online scientific or didactic periodicals and in monographs with less than 2000 editions and a price cover not above € 77,47,it’s possible to write an e-mail communication to the Head Librarian (; these reproductions are not subjected to payment for usage rights. Any way it’s necessary to quote/mention the work reproduction’s source and deliver a reproduction copy and analogical or digital publication copy (as an alternative the relative URL in case of online publication).

The reproduction is allowed:

  • by personal means without direct contact with materials or additional lights: it’s possible to use digital photography, smartphone and tablet, while it’s not possible to use portable scanner or …, flash and tripod; the user has to write a declaration on the kind of reproduction and its purpose;
  • by photo copying only for works printed after 1900. This can be done by users with the library equipment only after the authorization from staff, who will consider books preservative conditions and in the limits of current regulations on copyright;
  • by digital photography or by scanning only on written request using the form and addressed to the Head Librarian(biblioteca; reproduction is usually done inside the library by staff. For costs, see the “fees and charges” section.


Academicians and staff have a 50% discount on the estimated costs.

  • Fee and charges

Inter library loans: registered post or courier fees

Shipping of reproductions: postal fees

Reproductions and reproduction rights:

Photocopying – all photocopies format done by users: 100 photocopy card: € 7,00 (€0,07/copy)

Scan - € 0,30 each b/w

Digital camera reproduction – mid resolution: €2,80/picture High resolution: €3,50/picture

Fees refer to volumes and papers in standard format that are not particularly difficult to reproduce; for other cases an estimate will be given.

Copy of alreadyexistentphotographicscans50% discount/picture

Reproduction rights for commercial publication: reproduction rights are only for images publicated in monographs with more than 2000 editions and a price cover above € 77,47 (ministerial decree 8th April 1994). Rights are not valid for images publicated in scientific periodicals. The price is applied on each reproduction: € 20,00 b/w¸ € 70,00colour. Reproduction of complete works: € 14,00/page in b/w; € 22/colour page.


Academicians and staff have a 50% discount on the estimated costs.





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