Digital Archive

The Digital Archive of the Accademia della Crusca collects:


  • Information Guides to the Archive (series and sub-series level);
  • Inventory and file description of the oldest documents, related to the first and second edition of the Vocabolario (1612, 1623);
  • Inventory and description of the oldest documents (documentary unit level), from the foundation of the Accademia to 1783;
  • Digitization of the manuscript copy ready printing of the first edition of the Vocabolario;
  • Inventory and file description of the documents stored in the Affari ('Business') folder for the period 1904-1935.
  • Inventory and file description (archival unit level) of Lezioni, Rapporti, Elogi (1812-1921).
  • Digital cataloguing of the archive collection "Gabriella Giacomelli".
  • Sources for the history of the Italian language with particular reference to the language of science.
  • Information Guide to the Archive of the Accademia della Crusca, eds. E. Benucci, M. Poggi. In collaboration with F. Fiorelli, G. Stanchina, Florence - Accademia della Crusca, 2007.
  • Digitalization of the old diaries (1586-1764).
  • Digitalization of the proceedings of the Accademia (1819-1923)
  • Publication of the brochure L'Archivio dell'Accademia della Crusca in the series Quaderni di Archimeetings (ANAI - Sezione Toscana).