Rules for users

Consultation of Documents
The documents of the Archive can be consulted following the rules of use and only by appointment, calling 055/454277 or sending an e-mail request to: To gain access to the Archive, it is necessary to present a letter of introduction from an Academician or a university professor. The archivists can offer specialist scientific advice to help orient scholars in the use of available tools to enable them to carry out any kind of research required, with the use of microfilms or digital images. The public can also make use of the Library, rich in lexicographic resources. Please note that the documents of the Modern Archive are subject to a series of legal rules, to protect their copyright and privacy; if you wish to use or make copies of these, be it only in part and not for commercial use, these rules must be adhered to in full.

Reproduction of Documents
No photocopying service is available, but it is possible to reproduce documents in other formats, with the authorization of the Person in Charge of the Archive.

Information and Research
It is possible to obtain information and results of requested short searches via phone, fax, post or e-mail.

Guided Visits and Research
In order to help promote knowledge of the Archive’s documents, it is possible, on request, to organize guided visits and research trips for high school and university groups and other interested parties.

Loan of documents
It is possible to have documents on loan for exhibitions and cultural events, in observance of the Rules of the Accademia della Crusca.