The History of the Library

The Library of the Accademia della Crusca is the only one in Italy to be specialized in Italian language and linguistics. It is composed of a comprehensive collection of classics (of literature, philosophy, law, sciences, history and art) and of a wide selection of dictionaries, grammar books and Italian and foreign journals. This conspicuous heritage has been growing up since the foundation of the Accademia: along the different locations wherein the Crusca established, the Academicians conceived the library fund as a necessary study instrument, in particular to work in philology and lexicography (the most important and peculiar activities of the history of Accademia).  


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Biblioteca dell'Accademia - Donazioni

Avviso dalla biblioteca

La Biblioteca accetta in dono unicamente opere attinenti ai propri ambiti disciplinari.
Le opere inviate non saranno comunque restituite al donatore.

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News from the Accademia

L’Accademia della Crusca nomina 13 nuovi accademici corrispondenti

06 Nov 2019

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