New words

This section lists a first selection of "new words", including:

  • words that have appeared in recent years;
  • words which were already existing but have acquired a new meaning.

For both categories, the dates indicating respectively the first appearance or the new life of the word (with the abbreviations n.s. [new meaning] or r. [revival]) are provided. In the case of revival, the date of the first attestation is also indicated. All the dates are taken from the available sources of documentation, indicated in brackets with abbreviations redirecting to the source list.

For each new word the area of usage is defined; a short lexicographic chart, with a few contexts and the source then follows.

The charts can be accessed in two ways:

  • scrolling through the alphabetical list in this page;
  • using Search New Words.


Users can suggest new words by clicking on Suggest new words.

The right column shows the words suggested as neologisms (the bigger the most suggested). It is possible to increase the dimension of the word (and its visibility) by clicking on it.

The staff of the website will take into consideration the most interesting and frequently suggested words.

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